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Composition & Design:

Kitchen Fair is made of cast aluminum, which offers superior heat distribution throughout each piece of cookware. It locks in heat so well that only low heat settings are needed to properly cook your food.

Foods will not stick to Kitchen Fair cookware so it is not necessary to use oils or butter when cooking. You will be able to brown or sear meat, cover, and allow the meat to simmer in its own juices. When cooking vegetables, simply add enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. The vegetables will retain their natural color and nutrients.

The Kitchen Fair product line looks attractive in any kitchen and has been designed specifically with our customers in mind:

  • The porcelain exterior, available in a selection of colors, and the smooth bottom finish are easy to clean.
  • The non-stick coating is more durable than other products on the market.
  • The easy grip handles and knobs combine comfort and balance with function and style. Both the handles and knobs remain cool to the touch while cooking, resist heat up to a pre-heated oven temperature of 400 F / 205 C.
  • The exclusive design of the Kitchen Fair product line allows your cookware to work as a "mini oven." The even heat distribution of the aluminum and the tight fit of the covers make this cookware ideal for stovetop baking. This energy efficient method of baking will keep your kitchen cool even on the hottest days.
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