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Features and Benefits of Our Products
Our Customers have selected Kitchen Fair cookware because of its durability, ease of cleaning and healthy means of cooking. As a division of Regal Ware, Inc., our experience in manufacturing the finest hand-cast cookware started over sixty years ago. Today, no other brand compares to Kitchen Fair.

Great Benefits:
WATERLESS COOKING. Moisture is captured inside the cookware allowing food to cook in its own juices.

STOVETOP BAKING. Kitchen Fair cookware holds heat evenly and works like a "mini-oven" which makes them ideal for baking. Just prepare your mix and grease the pan lightly, add the mix making sure the pan is more than two-thirds full. Heat the covered pan on medium and bake.

COOKING MEATS AND POULTRY. It is not necessary to use vegetable oil or grease. If the pan is covered, the meat will cook in its own juice until tender. Cook any meat or poultry 25 to 30 minutes. Remember not to lift the cover during cooking.

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. When cooking fruits or vegetables, select a pan that will be approximately two-thirds full. Use enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. Place the covered pan on medium heat. When the cover is "too hot to touch", reduce the heat to low. Cook until desired tenderness is acquired.

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